Have you ever been driving down Gordon Drive, admiring all the huge mansions (castles) on the beach and wondered, “Who lives there?” We did too. That’s why our office put together an event with Robert and Carol Leher, authors of the book Naples Beach Homes: Cottages, Castles, and the Families that Built Them. They’d been driving past those homes for years and wondered the same thing.

They didn’t stop at a bit of curiosity like the rest of us do, only thinking about those homes when we drive by and see them. They actually dug into the history, worked with local organizations, and interviewed former and current owners to put their stories into a book.

One of the stories, as shared by the author:

We spoke to Stella and Peter Thomas who had a home on the beach which is gone now as it was torn down to make way for a new “castle.”  Peter Thomas was known for his melodic voice.  He was the voice of hundreds of commercials such as, “American Express:  Don’t leave home without it,” and “Peter Paul Almond Joy: Indescribably Delicious.”  He was also the voice of the syndicated series, “Forensic Files.”

We brought Robert Leher to Pelican Marsh to share a few more stories with us. Everyone had an amazing time and was surprised to learn about some of the people who live or have lived in those huge beach mansions.

What’s nice about Naples Beach Homes is that it isn’t just a way to be a little nosy and learn about some of our current and former residents. It’s also a way to celebrate Naples culture and history. The beach has long been a draw for many people, and those castles and cottages are definitely a part of that.

Want to buy a copy for yourself?

Retailers for Naples Beach Homes: Cottages, Castles, and the Families That Built Them

  • Arsenault Gallery
  • Bruno
  • LaPlaya Gift Shop
  • Mel’s Diner
  • NABOR  
  • Naples Art Association
  • Naples Beach Hotel 
Naples Botanical Garden
  • Naples Grande Hotel
  • Naples Historical Society at Palm Cottage
  • Naples Ships Store
  • Paper Merchant
  • Regatta
  • Summerfields
  • Tory’s Hair Salon
  • Traditions

You can also purchase it online at www.NaplesHistoricalSociety.org or by contacting Robert and Carol directly at (720-350-1413).

It was a wonderful event and we all enjoyed learning about what Naples used to look like, how it changed and the families behind it all.

Want to own a little piece of Naples for yourself? Let’s talk!