As we finish another year, I’m putting away all of my transaction files and thinking of the happy faces at the closing table, both sellers and buyers, looking forward the next chapter in their lives. I think of the hope they have for what their new home will mean to them. They all came far in the process to own this home or be on the path to their next. 

I’m also planning a new year and making New Year’s resolutions. Who will I work with next year and how will I help them? When you work in the real estate industry, you’re in the business of changing lives but the people I work with change my life, too. 

Looking back on the old year, and thinking of the new always reminds me of how fulfilling my job is. From the outside looking in, it may look like all I do is sell homes but that barely scrapes the surface. I help my clients find homes to raise their children in or to spend holidays with their grandchildren. Our team works with stressed out buyers and sellers to get them from the idea they might be ready to buy or sell all the way to the closing table.

I am humbled by the trust my clients place in me each and every year. It fills my heart with joy to know they have faith in me and that I help them on this part of their journey in life. They allow me to help with so many aspects of buying and selling a home…

Trusting me to guide them and offer advice during their first home purchase. 

Helping them sort through all the communities they might want to live in.

Navigating through the Naples market to find just the right place for them.

Buying a home sight unseen with only a video or a FaceTime chat to walk through the property. 

When things get stressful and emotional, my clients put their trust in me and let me calm things down and make transaction as smooth as possible. 

I am extremely thankful to everyone that I have been able to help, touch, and inspire. In return, I have been helped, inspired, and touched.

Because of all the great people I have the privilege to work with, my career does not feel like a job but something much more than that. I don’t just help clients buy and sell homes. My clients know exactly what I do for them and that I give it my all.

And I can’t wait to do more of it in 2018 and meet the next buyers and sellers who I can help but will also touch my life as well.

Happy New Year!